Keep Your Factory Heated Up

Bricks Factory Management Solution provides complete management solution at your desk. The Bricks Factory Management Solution lets you keep track of your factory's finances and lets you manage your inventory even without any access to internet.


Its the first sentence which comes in your mind after using our solution. Thats because our solution has an exciting and a very user friendly interface.


Oh yes!
Bricks Factory Management Solution is fully customizable according to your needs.


Our solution also provides multilingual support. Currently, Bricks Factory Management Solution is available in English and Urdu languages but can be customized according to your demands.


Bricks Factory Management Solution comes with many lucarative features which would make your life easy.

With 'User Management' feature, we allow multiple users to use the same solution in a single PC.

'Bricks Management' lets you manage different classes of bricks and control their respective prices.

Easily manage your employees with 'Employee Management' module.

'Raw Material Management' hold all the record of your raw material like coal, water, clay and so on.

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Need More?

Take hold of your finances with 'Sales/Purchase Management' feature.

Keep track of the financial status of you factory with our 'Profit/Loss Tracking' module.

With 'Tax Management', You can set all your taxation details in one place.

The Packages

Monthy Plan

Rs. 500 / month * Limited Time Offer

Rs. 800 / month
  • Monthly Subscription
  • 1 Visit / Month
  • Excluding TA/DA
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Premium Plan

Rs. 5,500 / annum * Limited Time Offer

Rs. 9,000 / annum
  • Yearly Subscription
  • 4 Visits / Year
  • Excluding TA/DA
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Lifetime Plan

Rs. 30,000 * Limited Time Offer

Rs. 35,000
  • One Time Payment
  • 1 Month Free Maintainence
  • 1 Free Key For Life
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Download Our Guide

Download and read our free user guid to get to know our solution better.

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